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Do you love writing? If you're passionate about the written word, then you're in the right place. You can become a blogger for SyWriters. 

Here are the Benefits: 

  • You’ll get guaranteed payment every month
  • No more waiting (often in vain) for clients to pay
  • Get paid on time, every single time
  • Convenient and easy payments via PayPal
  • Payment on the first of every month for work done the previous month

How it Works

We set up ongoing schedules with clients, usually about 1-3 posts per week for each client. You will be able to work on the writing tasks on your schedule in your own time as long as you can deliver each post before its due date. 

You will be matched with clients based on your experience and interests. We will provide you with training and expert guidance wherever necessary to ensure that you provide the best level of work at a blog writer. 

When a new client comes aboard, we immediately email the opportunity to new writers and anyone who is interested can respond. We assign the writer who is the best fit. 

Working with SyWriters is an amazing way to earn extra money doing something you enjoy!

Here’s what some of our current writers have to say:


I've always wanted to be a writer and SyWriters gave me that opportunity. Now every day I get paid to do what I love! It's absolutely amazing. Since I joined their team my skills have improved beyond my wildest dreams thanks to the expert guidance they provide. SyWriters is a great job opportunity to explore!

Allen Andrews

Business and Finance 


Online content writing turned out to be a lifesaver for me after I lost my job four years ago. Now I make a full-time living from writing articles for a few hours each day. I get to be at home with my kids while earning more than I did when I had to commute for two hours everyday to my previous job!

Sandy Cole

Health and Fitness


Being one of the top writers at this company is something that is a dream come true for me. For so long I dreamed of being able to make a (very good) living from what I love to do, and SyWriters made that dream come true for me. Here, you get to work with amazing people who will accelerate your writing career. 

Talik Evans
Internet Marketing

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Please answer the short questions below. If you’re a good fit, we’ll have you submit a trial post. If that goes well, then you will join our team of writers. 

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