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What Is Digital Marketing And Why Is It Important?

This is digital marketing redefined! In this article, you will learn how to conduct digital research, set business objectives for successful digital campaigns, and prepare the foundations to develop targeted marketing strategies. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the use of any electronic media to promote products and services. The internet and other forms of digital media and technology used to support modern marketing have given rise to a staggering range of labels and industry jargon created by professionals and academics. 

Digital marketing has been called internet marketing, web marketing, e-marketing, among other terms that have differed over time. Since digital marketing is the term that is most commonly used these days, that is the term we are going to focus on.

Digital Marketing Types

Instead of referring to digital marketing 'types', the better terminology to use would be 'digital marketing channels'. Each of the channels that we are going to look at here that can be used for reaching potential customers will be complex depending on the type of tactics and level of integration that you're applying across your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. 

How Digital Marketing Differs From Traditional Marketing 

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in many ways. With digital marketing, you're using channels and methods that allow you to analyze your marketing campaigns so that you can understand what's working and what is not working in real time. 

With digital marketing, you can monitor things such as: 

  • What content is being viewed
  • How often the content is being viewed
  • How long the content is being viewed for 
  • The percentage of sales conversions
  • Which type of content works best

And so on... 

The internet is the channel that is most associated with digital marketing, but other channels include wireless text messaging, podcasts, digital television, mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, mobile apps, radio channels, and so on. 

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Why Is Digital Marketing so Important? 

The reason digital marketing has become so vital in today's world is that consumers now have access to a wealth of information whenever and wherever they want it. The messages that people get about your products or services these days don't just come from you, and they no longer consist only of what you want your customers to know. 

Thanks to digital media, we are faced with an ever-growing, ever-evolving source of news, entertainment, social interaction and shopping platforms where consumers are exposed to things that the media, family, friends, peers, etc. are saying about your business. And the truth is that they are more likely to be convinced by those other sources than by what your company says about your brand. 

  • Consumers now want brands that they can trust
  • They want businesses that know them
  • They want personalized, relevant communications
  • They want custom-tailored offers that cater to their preferences and needs

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How to Build customer relationships across all Digital Marketing channels

When it comes to digital marketing, it isn't enough just to know your customers. You have to know them better than anyone else in order to be able to communicate with them in the place, at the time, and in the way that they will be most receptive to your messages. 

To do this effectively, you need to have a consolidated view of what your customers prefer and expect across all the various channels from the web, social media, and mobile, to email, point of sale, and so on. 

As a marketer, you can use this data to consistently create and anticipate coordinated user experiences that effectively move your customers along the buying cycle. The more insight you can get into the behavior and preferences of your customers, the more likely you will be to engage them in profitable interactions. 

The Challenges Facing Today's Digital Marketers

Rapid Increase of Digital Channels – One of the biggest challenges marketers face has to do with the vast number of digital channels and the different devices which use various protocols, interfaces, and specifications - and consumers interact with all these devices in different ways for different purposes.

Intensified Competition – Digital marketing channels are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional media, which puts them within reach of practically every business no matter its size. Because of this, marketers are finding it harder and harder to attract and hold the attention of their audience.

Proliferation of Data Volumes – Large trails of data are left by consumers in all digital channels, and this explosion of data volumes makes it hard to get a handle on that information and to find the right data to help you make the best decisions for your marketing campaigns. 

A rapid increase of digital channels, intensified competition, and proliferation of data are just three of the challenges marketers face today.

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So What Does It Take To Succeed in Digital Marketing?

To do digital marketing right, there are three things that you must do: 

  1. You must be able to manage customer relationships across multiple channels
  2. You need to initiate and respond to dynamic customer interactions
  3. You should be able to extract value from your big data to help you make marketing decisions faster

Doing these three things will help you become the best marketer that you can be. Being able to capture and use the data to find new marketing opportunities requires a unique approach that is based on a whole new understanding of the behavior of your customers. 

The Bottom Line

A lot of courses, blog articles, and videos that you'll come across in the digital marketing niche are designed to help you master the three things that are necessary to become a successful online marketer. Use this article as your resource to help you get your digital marketing campaigns off on the right foot. 

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