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What Are the 7 Most Important Aspects of Writing an Epic Blog Post?

The biggest question that bloggers ask is: how do I make my post stand out and capture attention?

The answer is simply: create content and blogs that no one else is.

With so many competing bloggers, it’s hard to rapidly come up with originality regularly. 

Simple Steps to Follow

It is easy to start a blog, but it’s harder to start writing. Writing is an art and takes time to provide value to readers.

Read on if you need a few tips on how to write an epic blog post.

Write With Passion 

A good place to start is writing about your passion.

Read through other blogs that share the same passion and get some inspiration flowing.

Try to write only when you are in the mood as this will help with your creativity.

Research the Topic and Intended Customer

You are bound to fail if you don’t research the topic, customer, and client before writing a post.

Clients often want their blogs to be written based on specific sources. Go over any links and resources provided.

Personalize the blog and get specific about the targeted audience.


Write a Catchy Title

It goes without saying that a title impacts the decision if users will read your blog post.

 The title helps readers to have a briefing on what the post is about.

Your title is what appears in search engines.

Image by Rebekah Radice

Write an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

An introduction is important to kick off the blog, try keep it short and sweet.

Most readers are busy and long posts are not always needed. Cut out redundant words.

It helps readers when you use headings and sub-headings as this makes it easier on the eye and for readers who skim over blogs.

A conclusion is used to briefly wrap up the ideas and concepts, and to call for action from the reader.

Add Images and Cite Your Sources

The common saying states: a picture is worth a thousand words, so use images to your advantage.

You could also smartly use graphs, and charts.

Always make mention of your sources by citing them either in your post or at the end. Give credit where credit is due.

Proofread and Edit

Obviously, you want readers to enjoy and share your post, so create content that is valuable. Noone shares worthless content.

Before you decide to publish, proofread the post, and do the relevant editing, remove redundant words.

Call to Action

Your blog post should enlighten your readers and give solutions to specific issues.

Provide the information readers need and give them an opportunity to act on what they’ve read.

Bonus Tip

A lot of writers get caught up in the trap of trying to write like the popular bloggers. 

You should find your own unique voice and not become a version of someone else.

You may find your voice by limiting your exposure to similar bloggers and covering the same topics.

Final Thoughts

After all this, there is still the opportunity of being aa amazing blogger.

You will notice that the more unique your post is, the better it will do.

Do you have a new perspective on how to create an epic blog? Let us know in the comment below.

About the Author Jameeliah Brown

Jameeliah is a wellness and content freelance writer who recently moved to South Africa. When she is not creating exciting B2C and B2B content, she’s busy crafting away in her garden shed or playing with her kids. Having studied Health Science and Social Services, her community’s health and wellness is a priority. Her work is packed with valuable data and real-life solutions. Click HERE to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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