Terms and Conditions

1. Turnaround Times Policy

After placing your order and providing sufficient information, your project will be immediately forwarded to the best writer for your niche. You’ll have the first draft of the article in under 24 hours from the time the order was accepted. If something is unclear, we may need you to answer a few questions, which may cause a slight delay. 

If you have a large project or you want faster turnaround times, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist. We have a large team, which means that we’re able to accommodate most requests that are within reason. 

2. Our Guarantees

2.1. Satisfaction Guarantee

SyWriters was founded on the highest standards, and our team is passionate about offering you blog content of the highest quality. We believe in communication and honesty. As a writing agency, our mission is to uphold those values in every way we can (see Our Values). We work very hard to make sure that you absolutely love all the content we create for you. We’ll revise and/or rewrite content if necessary (see our Revision Policy). You never have to accept content that you’re not completely happy with. 

2.2. Copyright

You have full ownership of all the work. We don’t request publishing rights and we don’t resell your content. 

2.3. Original Content.

SyWriters guarantees that all the content you purchase from us is 100% original. We check each article using Copyscape Premium to ensure that there is absolutely no plagiarism. Our writers know that we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. 

However, there may be exceptions where policy, technical, or legal terminology and wording might invalidate a statement if it isn’t used in a specific sequence. In such a case, we’ll be sure to communicate with you. 

2.4. Coupons

From time to time, we create coupon codes. These cannot be applied retroactively to any order that has already been paid in full. 

3. Order Policies

3.1. Abandoned Orders

After you place your order, communication is done via email. If you don’t provide all the information required within 30 days of placing your order, we’ll cancel the order and credit your account. Account credits do not expire. 

3.2. Changing Your Order

As soon as you place your order, our entire management team moves quickly to get started on it in order to maintain a timely and efficient process. After you’ve placed your order, and once our writers have started on it, changes will not be allowed. This includes (but isn’t limited to) putting your order on hold, changing the topic, redirection of the content, supplying additional information, and so on. 

3.3. Client Approval

The client is responsible for the approval of all the work ordered from SyWriters. This includes copy, design, typesetting, images, and various other services that are required to complete the project. You have up to 14 days to approve the work or request revisions. Approval can be done via written email or chat message. 

If, after 14 days, the client still has not approved the work, our system will automatically approve it. Upon acceptance and approval of the work, the client accepts the responsibility for any other processes in which the content is used. SyWriters is not responsible for any errors which occur in the content after it’s been approved by either the client or our system. 

4. Writer Confidentiality

It takes us a long time (weeks, and sometimes even months) to find writers that meet our standards. We have to test hundreds of writers to find just the right one. Every member of our team signs an NDA prior to taking on any projects. This is an effective way of protecting the proprietary information of our clients, as well as the clientele of our agency clients. If needed, we’re happy to sign your company’s NDA. 

Clients are not allowed to attempt to obtain a writer’s personal contact information, including, but not limited to full name, personal email exchanges, etc. with the exception of direct client to writer interviews. The policy is that clients may not contact writers directly without SyWriters’ permission. 

5. Project Refusal

SyWriters reserves the right to refuse a project or order with or without a reason supplied. The types of content we don’t create include original academic essays, content that breaches SyWriters moral or ethical standards, and content that has malicious or illegal intent. 

6. Payment and Collection

SyWriters requires full payment upfront for every project. Work will only begin once the order has been placed and the payment has been processed. If payment is withdrawn at any time, such as in credit card claims, we reserve our right to file a DMCA (Read more about Google DMCA here). Google takes copyright and stolen SEO claims very seriously. Without full payment to SyWriters, the client is held responsible for using content that doesn’t belong to them legally. 


If a client optionally wishes to give their writer a bonus, it can be sent to them as per the usual payment.