Refund Policy

Free Revisions

At SyWriters, we understand that it can sometimes take time to get a new client’s style down. That is why our writers will revise your blog content for free up to three times within 14 days of delivering your order. However, if too many revisions are needed, then it probably means that we are not a great fit. In such a case, we shouldn’t resume the blogging schedule. 

Once you have approved your order, there will be no further free revisions permitted. Also, free revisions will be limited to the information initially provided by you on the input form. If revisions are needed because of a lack of adequate information, or as a result of misinformation by you, then we will be unable to revise your content for free. 

Please allow at least 24 hours for each revision to be completed.

Revisions requested outside of the 14-day window will incur a minimum charge of 15% which needs to be paid before we can begin work. The revision fee also applies if new information is being added. The revision fee doesn’t include extra word counts outside of what you already paid for. If you need content to be added, we’ll be happy to do so. Just get in touch with us at

Refund Policy

We do not give refunds. Before committing to one of our monthly blogging packages, you can try our services on a post-by-post basis. From the very first post, you will be able to get a feel for our writers' style and expertise. If you are not satisfied with the content you receive from SyWriters, let us know at once so we can revise the content. Often times, a revision is all that’s needed to make the content satisfactory. We offer up to three free revisions, and you also have the option to change writers to find one that is a better fit for your blog. 

If, after all the revisions, we’re still unable to meet your expectations, you may opt to cease the blogging schedule immediately. 

Payment Policy

Payment is required in full before we start on your project. Work only begins once the payment has been processed and you’ve provided all the necessary information pertaining to your blog content.