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A Day in the Life of an Email Marketer

Although it's been around for decades, email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of growing your business's sales and revenue.

When it comes to email marketing, you'll find a lot of different advice, tips, and marketing best practices on the Internet. In fact, because of all the different strategies and tactics employed by marketers everywhere, email marketing may not be the easiest area for anyone to tap into. 

But, since that's where everyone's spending their time, it's important for you to understand the nature of this marketing channel for you to be successful in your marketing efforts.

In this article, we're going to take a look at a day in the life of an email marketer. But before we do, here are some of the most common characteristics that successful email marketers have.

Characteristics of Successful Email Marketers:


This characteristic is essential if you are going to be able to create messages that grab your audience’s attention. You know, those emails that make your readers click and take action.

Can-Do Attitude

Because marketing is usually hit or miss, it's vital that you have a mindset which doesn't allow little failures to get you down. As an email marketer, you have to be prepared to try and try again and adapt your messages as you go.


Marketing is psychological, and this means you need to have a strong sense of empathy to help you understand people and the ways in which they may react. As you well know, a lot of people act on emotions, and if you are able to tap into that as a marketer, you will have a much better chance of increasing your email marketing conversion rates.

Organization and Planning

Email marketing involves a lot of details and many moving parts, which means that proper planning and organization are vital if you are going to get everything working together properly.

Now that you understand the characteristics that are necessary to achieve success in email marketing, let's take a look at a successful email marketer's typical day.

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The Day of an Email Marketer

The day of an email marketer is focused on a couple of very important areas, and these are data and strategy. An email marketer needs to be able to bring together many different objectives into one compelling and concise CTA if they’re going to be able to get the desired results from email marketing efforts.

Task #1: Check on Previous Campaigns

The first thing an email marketer does in the morning is to check on the performance of the campaigns previously sent out. They will take a look at the metrics to answer some questions such as:

  • Was the email sent at the right time?
  • Is a subject line performing well?
  • How many email subscribers clicked the call to action?
  • Have there been any spam complaints or hard bounces?
  • How many unsubscribes were there?

After this reflection on the previously scheduled email marketing campaign and determining that it's error-free, it's time to move on to the next task which involves learning from the email metrics.

Of course, if there are any issues with the previous day's campaign, they would have to be addressed first.

The next step is to spend an hour or so analyzing email metrics and preparing a report for that campaign, as well as making assumptions that are based on the campaign results. For instance:

Does the email show high open rates with a low click rate?
If so, it could mean that the subject line did its job perfectly, but the call to action was not very engaging or compelling.

Does the email have high open rates and also high unsubscribes?
This could be a sign that your subscribers have unrealistic hopes or it could signal that your email copy provided a bad or negative user experience.

Does the email show many clicks without much conversion?
This means you have many subscribers going to your landing page but not filling in the form.

From such findings in the report, the marketer then moves forward to tweak each of the strategies for their upcoming email campaigns.

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Task #2: Catching Up On News

Before taking steps to create a new campaign, an email marketer first has to catch up on ongoing events within the email marketing world. This involves reading emails, going through interesting, helpful articles found on leading email marketing platforms, such as Action Rocket, Litmus, and more.

After drawing inspiration from these and other sites, the email marketer then proceeds to their next task.

Task #3: Testing New Email Templates

Now it's time to test the new templates for the next campaign to ensure that everything is in great working order. This involves preliminary checks against the following:

  • Are the links in good working order?
  • Does the email design follow brand guidelines?
  • Do the links for unsubscribing and viewing online work properly?
  • Is the call to action concise and clearly visible?
  • Is the email accessible (this is an extremely important aspect)

The email marketer has to test the template across all the different email clients and browsers. This can be done manually or by using certain tools that help them test email templates across over 40 email clients. Depending on which tool the marketer uses, they'll get a testing report for renderability perfection.

This step is extremely important to ensure that email campaigns don't fail to impress readers.

After the step is taken care of, the email marketer moves on to the next task.

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Task #4: List Cleaning, Landing Page Optimization, or Workflow Troubleshooting

Email automation is essential for any modern marketer. It allows you to set your workflow and forget about it. However, an email marketer still has to keep an eye on it so they can discover any issues and be able to iron out bottlenecks in the workflow.

Additionally, the email marketer has to spend time checking how the re-engagement email automation is performing, as well as removing dead or dormant email leads. Such tasks as workflow optimization and list cleaning remain crucial for all successful marketers and must be performed about once a month.

On other days, an email marketer has to invest time in optimizing landing page performance in order to improve lead capturing. This doesn't take much time but is also a vital prerequisite prior to scheduling future email campaigns.

The Final Task

Now, with the day nearing its end, the email marketer reflects on the tasks that were done and prepares future email campaigns. For veteran marketers, these are repetitive tasks that they do each and every day, which means after a while the execution is effortless and smooth.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing doesn't have to be stressful or hard. All you need is the right plan to help you create successful and profitable email campaigns for your business. If you want to discover how to create an automated email marketing campaign that will drive more revenue to your business, then click the link below to download your copy right now. 

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