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5 Key Ways to Create Highly Effective Content

In this digital world that we live in, we know that it is of paramount importance to have an effective content marketing campaign to get the attention of web users.

Having a marketing strategy that is detailed and well-implemented is not just a necessity, it is essential in capturing the attention of your audience.

We know that having a lot of content out there is also very important, but having swarms of content doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an effective strategy.

You will soon realize that marketing to a whole population is generally ineffective and wasteful. You need more than just clever content to be highly effective.

If you are brainstorming and need ideas on how to get your content to be impressive and powerful, then read on below.

What Is Content Marketing?

When we speak of content marketing, we see it as pretty much any distinct media you create or own, ranging from written to visual, that is not necessarily to promote a brand but stimulate user’s interest around a specific product or service. 

Having a content strategy demonstrates the expertise you offer the industry and lets people know who you are.

An effective campaign involves a substantial amount of planning and monitoring your content and taking steps to optimize it.

Let’s have a look at key areas and tips that you need to consider when creating your content, and how it could be more effective.

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1. Identify Your Target Audience

Any content writer will advise you that this is the first key step when creating content.

Any marketing campaign requires you to have a deep understanding of who your target audience is. You need to know what they like, their attitudes, their values, and most importantly where they prefer to hang out. 

Researching words and phrases that your audiences use makes a significant impact on successful content.

Another key advantage is knowing the needs of your potential customers and then creating articles and posts to meet this need, as well as creating the right social media posts.

Set your goals and have a strategy to achieve them most efficiently.

2. Create Quality Content

As mentioned above, having tonnes of content is not always as effective as having quality content. Many writers get this muddled.

Companies that focus on volumes will take a beating from companies that concentrate on quality content.

Because there is so much content being delivered daily, there’s an abundance of average or poor content flooding in. 

Users will naturally gravitate towards high quality and refer others to articles that are of this high quality.

3. Build a Solid Social Foundation

Social media is a fast-growing platform and content is the fuel that keeps it flourishing.

Imagine the endless possibility of your content being read, shared, re-shared, and received from others as they discover it. This is the perfect complement to marketing campaigns.

In addition to your written content, consider using other varieties such as videos, infographics, audios, and live events.

Research shows that customers said they preferred watching a video rather than reading an article, so there’s a tip for you to work with.

You can also get your customers involved in your social media platforms by creating incentives for them to engage with you, such as competitions. This helps users learn more about the brand and trust your content more. 

Bring recognition around previous customers’ experience on social media. This makes it easier for potential customers to give you the nod of approval.

If you do not have any content to share, engaging, and sharing other writers’ content may be critical to building your social foundation.

You don’t need to be a part of every social media platform as this may become exhausting to maintain, but make sure your presence is felt on the most sought after stages like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

4. Publish and Maintain Your Content

Every content writer needs to know that original content is the highest esteem when building an effective marketing strategy because duplicated content tends to hurt your rankings.

Having a website enables customers to find out more about you and what you offer. It also represents your brand and reflects your goals and values.

Maintain the content on your website to keep users engaged. 

Publishing new content at the right time on your site or social media platforms is key to getting the desired attention.

You can make use of a KPI ( Key Performance Indicator) to help you track how effective your content posts are performing in your campaigns. Let’s have a look at what a KPI looks like below.

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If you feel that you can not keep track of perfect timing to upload your content, you can craft a marketing calendar as it helps you ensure content is posted consistently. Google offers a calendar that you can make use of.

Finding out when your audience takes to social media, which days and what times, will help in setting your calendar for maximum effectiveness.

5. Don’t Ignore SEO

Just to remind you, SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) shows your optimized content when keywords are searched on search engines.

You lower your chances of appearing at the top in search engines if you do not post enough keyword-rich content on your blog.

Keep reminding yourself of the common saying “Whatever is working, do more of it” and keep working on your content marketing campaigns. 

Bonus Tip

Since we have established a few key steps in creating effective content, here is a bonus tip just for you.

Businesses that want to keep growing need to keep track of their campaigns by using a KPI.

KPIs are quantifiable measures that are an important aspect of monitoring proximity of reaching your goals.

These metrics highlight areas where performance is excelling or lagging, and you can adjust to optimize your content and site.

Identifying which tools are relevant for your content and effectively applying them is an advantage you should manipulate.

There are loads of social media tools to help monitor such as analytics, which you can personalize to supply reports.

Final Thoughts

We have noticed that content marketing has quickly become a hot topic lately and for very good reason.

There is a lot of competition in most markets as almost 90% of marketers use campaigns to attract existing and new customers.

This should make you excited and heighten your interest in producing the best quality content to grab the customers’ attention off other companies and draw them to yourself.

You will notice that customers tend to share your content more when they find it interesting and informative, with a hint of entertainment of course.

Finally, if you produce effective high-ranking content, it has a long-lasting positive impact on the way customers receive and spread your content.

What other considerations do you think writers should keep in mind when they want to create effective content? Leave your comment below.

About the Author Jameeliah Brown

Jameeliah is a wellness and content freelance writer who recently moved to South Africa. When she is not creating exciting B2C and B2B content, she’s busy crafting away in her garden shed or playing with her kids. Having studied Health Science and Social Services, her community’s health and wellness is a priority. Her work is packed with valuable data and real-life solutions. Click HERE to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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