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3 SoloPreneur Trends To Help You Gain More Freedom

There's a ton of content that is created and published every day. Newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, live streams, videos, emails, and social media memes are filling our inboxes and timelines. Each piece of content is fighting for attention in the crowded space filled with big and small businesses alike.

So how does a solopreneur manage to compete in such a crowded market?

The most important thing is to understand the importance of meaningful and consistent content marketing. As a solopreneur, you have to generate high-quality content in addition to working in and on your business. 

This means that finding the time for creating new posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, and other types of content, while at the same time generating leads and servicing existing customers, can be quite an overwhelming challenge. 

Also, staying abreast of the latest content marketing trends can be extremely hard.

As soon as you feel that you’ve found the perfect way to get things done, new trends emerge and marketers have to scramble to keep up. One thing, however, stays the same: Content marketing is a major element of online marketing success. And as technology continues to change, storytelling becomes an even more crucial part of your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Content Marketing is the biggest element of online marketing success!

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The good news is that there are some content marketing and automation trends for solopreneurs that offer effective solutions. In this article, we'll take a look at how you can accomplish this goal in the quickest, easiest, and most effective way.

Refresh and Update Old Content

Many online business owners struggle with the concept of republishing similar content again and again. For most people, it feels like they are repeating themselves and they fear that their readers will become bored or view that content as being stale.

However, when done right, refreshing old content is a strategy that can be of benefit to you and your audience. There are a lot of marketers who are successfully refreshing old content simply by incorporating new images, new statistics, anecdotes, videos, and so on. 

Updating your content can also have amazing effects on your SEO as it provides new opportunities to boost your backlinking strategy. Also, it takes a lot less time to refresh content than to create it from scratch. 

The list of benefits goes on, but suffice it to say that this is one of the most effective ways a solopreneur can avoid content fatigue while reaping all the benefits of a good content marketing strategy.

If you want to learn more about how to strategically repurpose content on your blog, read this post to find out exactly how to go about it. In it, you'll learn the content creation strategy for online marketers which allows you to circle back and refresh previously published pieces of content, so you can turn them into useful, valuable pillar posts that will bring in a lot more traffic to your site.

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Leverage Automation

You'll find a lot of tools online that will help you automate almost every part of your content creation process. Many of them are free and/or low-cost. Some of the tools you can use include Buffer, for your social media management, MailChimp, for your email marketing, and Canva, a tool that makes creating unique images as easy as clicking a button.

Such tools help to offer you more freedom by making it easy to automate a large number of your content marketing tasks. For instance, MailChimp allows you to easily design emails and newsletters using a simple drag-and-drop interface while incorporating audience segmentation and workflows with an incredible degree of personalization. 

Buffer helps you distribute your content across all major social media platforms for up to a week with just the click of your mouse. As for Canva, a pro account will allow you to click a button and be able to resize one image to fit all the different social media network image specifications. Such a task would take you hours to complete manually, particularly if you don't have the necessary technical skills.

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Publish Co-created Content

If you take a look at the blogs of some of the most successful content marketers out there, you'll find that they co-create a lot of content with other marketers in their niche. One such online entrepreneur is Neil Patel, who has over 500 digital marketing guides that he co-created with other marketers.

Being able to identify potential partners in your niche will give you the opportunity to share the load when it comes to creating content, thereby saving both parties a lot of valuable time that you can re-invest elsewhere. 

You need to identify a complementary business in your niche that shares the same ideal audience in order to use this tactic to your advantage. 

One example of using this strategy effectively is by guest blogging. You can reach out to other entrepreneurs in order to co-create content. If, for instance, you are great at blogging, you may choose someone who is awesome at producing stunning images. By combining your strengths in this way, you'll be able to produce stronger content that has double the placement.

If you want to learn more about how to create more success in your content marketing strategy without having to invest even more time in creating new pieces of content, simply click the link below to download your guide to strategically repurposing your blog content right now.

The Bottom Line

The simple truth is that marketing has evolved a lot over the past few years, and it continues to change rapidly as consumers are becoming savvier and more immune to a wide variety of strategies. 

The ever-growing volume of content online isn't doing much to help with this issue, but smart marketers know that pumping out more content isn't necessarily the answer. Rather, working to incorporate trends like the ones listed above consistently will undoubtedly lead to success in the long run. 

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